About Us

We are Landscape Architects with great artistic, graphic and technical streaks.
We develop beautiful - yet technically superb and functional - outdoor projects.

Chi siamo

Our founders have carried out countless projects, meeting their clients’ expectations. These projects ranged from outdoor designs to indoor green decor:

  • Gardens dummy
  • Terraces dummy
  • Communal terraces dummy
  • Green roofs dummy
  • Indoor and Outdoor Living Walls dummy
  • Green food and bar arrangements dummy
  • Green indoor decor dummy
  • Green event decor dummy
  • Green home decor dummy

Our Mission

We are committed to planting a tree, a shrub or a perennial plant for every project we complete.

In the past, upon completing our projects we have planted:

  • Quercus ilexdummy
  • Fraxinus ornusdummy
  • Buxus sempervirensdummy
  • Salvia officinalisdummy
  • Rosmarinus officinalisdummy
  • Myrtus tarentinadummy
  • Lavandula stoechasdummy
  • Stipa tenuissimadummy
  • Miscanthus sinensisdummy
  • Festuca glaucadummy

Our Vision

Our long term goal is to promote public awareness on the importance of greenery for humankind and for our planet. We wish to mould and shape our planet as to make it more beautiful, attractive, aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Here is a list of advantages derived from urban greenery:

Environmental advantages:

  • Air Quality Improvement dummy
  • Temperature mitigation and energy efficiency dummy
  • Air Purification dummy
  • Greenhouse effect mitigation dummy

Urban parks and greenery improve the mood of citizens, aiding in the fight against symptoms of depression or solitude.
Trees clean the air, they give shade and improve the aesthetic.
One hectare of forest eliminates 15 tons of particulate matter (PM) yearly.

Health Benefits:

  • Reduces stressdummy
  • Fights depressiondummy
  • Boosts the immune systemdummy

Economic benefits for businesses:

  • Encourages a positive perception of the shop’s imagedummy
  • Improves willingness to buydummy
  • Increases the perception of the quality of goods and servicesdummy


Lavinia Raccah
Lavinia RaccahLandscape Architect
Edoardo Carconi
Edoardo CarconiLandscape Architect